Priority Services

Our goal at Kings is to provide you with “epic customer service” whether that service is provided in person, over the phone or through the mail. Because we value your time and safety, Kings offer the following Priority Services to provide you with the best – service possible. 

Schedule an Appointment – You may call and schedule an appointment up to 7-days ahead of time for any of our services

Appointments are available Monday – Friday from 10:00AM – 4:00PM. 

Please plan to arrive 10-min early. We will hold the appointment for up to ten-minutes. When you arrive show the Greeter your confirmation email. 

If you are late and missed the 10-min window, out of respect for our other customer who are waiting you will be provided with a number and be provided with the same courtesy as all walk-in customers. 

Drop & Go – Customers can call ahead of time and obtain their exact balance due. Customer can either pay with their debit card, credit card (restrictions apply), or purchase a money order for the exact payment amount. Method of payment may vary depending on transaction being processed: 

The type of transactions that qualify for Drop & Go are all interest payments and layaway payments. 

Method of payment may vary depending on transaction type. 

A debit card may be used to pay for interest payments; Promotional, regular and accrued interest. A credit card MAY NOT be used to pay for interest. 

A credit card may be used to pay for layaway payments. 

A money order may be used for the exact amount due for all types of transactions. 

Mail-In – If you do not have time to come in or are unable to come in you may call us for your balance due and mail-in a money order or cashier’s check for your interest payment and or layaway payment. 

Over the Phone Payment – If you are unable to come in, give us a call and let us know you would like to make your payment over the phone. We will send you a Podium link for the amount due to your email or cell-phone. We encourage you to make the payment as soon as possible since the link will expire the same day by 4:30 PM. You can make your interest payment over the phone using your debit card and your layaway payment with your debit and/or credit card. There is a Lost Pawn Ticket fee of $2 for each ticket for payments over the phone. 

Expedited Services – Due to COVID-19 we have added expedited services for our customer who are 65 years or older, and/or may have mobility issues and/or are considered to be high risk in public spaces. 

Front of the Line Pass – Kings takes price in the products and services we offer and we use up-to-date technology to deliver those product and services to you. At times, technology can be unreliable and our systems may go down. If your wait is extended for an unreasonable amount of time and you need to come back due to the wait, before you leave ask our Greeter for a front of the line pass. When you return, give the front of the line pass to the Greeter and with the exception of “Expedited Services”, the next available associate will be able to service you.